• 1. Conference dates are final - 25-26 FEB 2021.  USNAC will be held from 0745-1630 CST on Thursday 25 Feb and 0745-1730 CST on Friday 26 Feb..

  • 2. The conference will include the following:

    • Live keynote from Rear Adm. Cynthia A. Kuehner, Commander, Naval Medical Forces Support Command (NMFSC)

    • Specialist panel / Q&A with Naval Aeromedical Institute (NAMI)

    • Corps Chief and Special Leader presentations

    • Annual awards presentation

  • 3. Conference is BUMED approved.  Find approval info here: http://es.med.navy.mil/bumed/m00/m00c/Pages/conferences.aspx

  • 4. CME will be offered (approval pending)-- attendees need to pre register http://education.mods.army.mil/navycme 

  • 5. The FAA Mini Basic course will be offered separately via Zoom earlier in the week -- please contact Mr. Mike Walter for more information (michael.l.walter.civ@mail.mil)

  • 6. People wishing to attend, or are on the fence but would like to reserve a spot, please:

  • On behalf of the NAMI OIC: " We are so excited to be able to bring you this virtual conference even in the face of everyone's very real travel difficulties! As we're calling the conference this year: "A Virtual Conference for a COVID Reality" - we hope to see you there!"

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